Sunday, December 1, 2013

Enjoy every single moment. That will be the theme for the Christmas season begun.

This past Tuesday, I was at the HEE (Home Education Exchange - where our boys take classes once a week) and my cell phone rang. I saw it was Jenny and as soon as I picked up, it was immediately very apparent that something was very wrong. She was crying hysterically. For several minutes, it was difficult to understand what she was saying. I could tell she was in the car so I asked if she needed to pull over. She calmed down a bit.

And then I asked the question that I didn't want to ask, "Did you say that your dad died?"

The answer was a sobbing "yes."

Bob Buckley was alive and well one day and then returned to Jesus the next. He passed while doing the Lord's work--tending his parish grounds beside his priest.

My heart is so sad for her right now and I wish I could take some of her grief away. While of course this hasn't happened to me, I can't deny that it has been on my mind all week, especially as I reflected on what I am thankful for this past week.

This all has been such a clear example of why we need to appreciate each day and try to live each moment fully. Bob would be proud to know that his daughter has always inspired me to do just that, as I explained in a post this past April in which I describe Jenny:
She is such a joyful, funny, outgoing, friendly and radiant woman. Watching Jenny inspires you to enjoy your life more.
So today I am thankful for today. With Jenny and her father in mind, I will strive to continue that sentiment throughout this holiday season and always. And when God decides my time has come, may I also be doing His work here on Earth.

On this particular day that I am thankful for, we were able to enjoy some fun family time before Adrienne had to return to Portland. We had a picnic lunch at Jason's work, visited Santa at Macy's and rode the carousel. Now back home, we have some time to relax in our pajamas.

During all of our festivities, Jenny and Bob are so present in my mind and in my heart. Today, I am thankful for our friendship. I am thankful for Jenny's husband Mike, who loves her so very much and is taking care of her. I am thankful for her three children who bring her joy. I am thankful for her mom and brothers and that they are able to support and comfort one another. I am thankful for all of her friends and family who have shown her love and support this week. I am thankful for our faith and the comfort it brings her now. I am thankful that Jesus is with her always, holding her hand and sharing her sorrow.
Thanksgiving Breakfast