Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Romance

Well, our summer is off to a scrumptious start. Particularly yesterday was a wonderfully memorable day . . .

A 5:00 am wake-up call isn't usually my idea of a great way to begin a Saturday morning, but this was an exception. After a surprisingly good night of sleep despite a stomach full of nerves and sleeping away from home (on the most oddly comfortable sleeper sofa ever made), I woke to the sound of my best friend Jenny making a pot of coffee. Quickly up and at 'em, we ate a light breakfast with another great friend, Kelly, who is also my training partner; nibbling on bananas, discussing pre-race jitters, cradling mugs of coffee in nervous hands.

The Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon began for us at about 7:40 am after spending an hour in race-day traffic driving what would normally be about a ten minute trip and waiting in line with many of the other 25,000 participants to have our turn to make a deposit in a honeybucket before the run.

I felt pretty confident during the race, especially as I was much more relaxed having completed the same run a year ago. My excitement and adrenalin caused me to take off probably a little too fast during the first few miles, trying to navigate my way through the herds of runners. I finished with a time of about 2 hours 4 minutes - not too shabby. But I was hoping to get a little closer to setting a PR from my time last year, which was about 1 hour 57 minutes.

A little frustrated, it was difficult not to be upset with being so far off. As Jenny said several times before the race, it all comes down to just one day. Months and months of training. So to not perform as well as I know I can is discouraging. However, I also have to keep in mind that two weeks of my training were skipped in May due to illness and a hurt back. Also, just this past week I was nervous about whether or not I'd even be able to run the race as I was sick again. So, as usual, I need to not be so hard on myself. I've got two half marathons under my belt! Plenty to be proud of. And as Jenny pointed out, it's just all the more reason to train for another race; can't wait to get that time down to 1:56:59! :)

The memory making didn't finish at the finish line. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. After arriving home, eating saltines and ginger to settle my stomach, stretching, icing and a nap, my darling step-daughter, Adrienne, arrived. She will be staying with us for about a month and we are so excited about the weeks we get to spend with her. She will be thirteen in September and may pass me up in height (and possibly maturity) while she is with us. On the calendar during her visit is a week long vacation with my family to Lake Chelan over the Fourth of July and maybe a showing of one of the 2010 summer movies, Eclipse. I've read all the books, but haven't seen any of the movies, so it should make a great opportunity for a no-boys-allowed night out.

After an afternoon of resting and visiting, I got to get all dolled up to attend a beautiful wedding with Jason for a friend from childhood, Lisa Winterroth, whom I've known since I was five. Not only was the wedding immaculate, but I was able to catch up with many old friends and dance the night away with the love of my life. I've really got to give Jason some props - he is turning into quite the dancer! Who knew?! It is such a pleasant surprise almost seven years into our marriage, as dancing is just about heaven on earth for me, especially when I'm grooving with my other half.

It was so inspiring to be hand in hand with my darling love, watching a father achingly hand over his daughter to her groom, witnessing another couple in love, stars in their eyes and smiles on their faces, recite solemn vows to one another in front of the world, making the same commitment to one another as my Jason and I made to each another on our magical day. Our life together began with a day of enchantment that continues as I swayed in the arms of my love seven years later, realizing for the thousandth time that I am even more in love with him.

Jason - you are the continuous miracle in my life. I love you.

After the gorgeous ceremony with this breathtaking view, just after the couple walked down the aisle, a large bald eagle flew overhead in the clear, blue sky. It was as if instead of releasing doves, an eagle was set free, flying low and in great view, a symbol of the purity and strength of the vows just made.

As you can see, the bride was a vision and her groom, charming. Cheers to the new married couple!

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