Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Original Mamma

Here's something that I wrote for the original Mamma - my mom. I was away from home, caring for a sick child and pondering where I have learned the maternal instincts that I have. That is, if you can "learn" instinct. Or maybe it's simply passed down . . .

Maternal Immortal

Born from your womb,
Your spirit begot mine.
Thy blood is my blood,
So my veins are thine.

As my fingers are placed
On his feverish brow,
So present is your hand -
Willing mine now.

Natural touch, ease and grace
Are passed down the line;
Instilling instinct,
So my wisdom is thine.

From child to child
As loving arms embrace,
Forever babes will be cared for
By hands given thy grace.


  1. by the way it is lisa drivenes, kivimagi is my family name that i use when writing

    1. Thanks Lisa! I gave this to my mom a year or two ago as a gift :) It was so fun to see you on Saturday in your coral dress - you looked beautiful!


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