Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Weekend to Remember . . .

We had a fantastic weekend, full of celebrating. Jason had his 40th birthday last Friday. His mom, Liz, visited us from Hawaii to be here for the occasion.

On Friday, we dropped off the kids at a friend's and went to the Space Needle for lunch. It was such a glorious day! The only time I think I have ever been to the top of the Space Needle was when I was a child, so it was so much fun to see it now. We had the most perfect day for it. The food was delicious and we really enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, at Jason's request, we stopped at Molly Moon's. I had a scoop of their Balsamic Strawberry with hot fudge sauce. Heaven! Liz bought each of us their ice cream cookbook, so I can't wait to try some of their fun recipes this summer.

On Saturday morning, we celebrated Joshua's First Communion. What a special day! I had the privilege of teaching Joshua' Faith Formation class this year. It was wonderful and inspiring to help and watch the 2nd graders prepare for receiving this holy Sacrament. The Eucharist is something that I have only begun to understand as an adult. Of course, these children still have a long way to go in understanding this mystery, but I do believe that I helped them begin to.

The morning was gorgeous. The ceremony went beautifully. During the homily, Father Bob asked the children how they felt about receiving their First Communion. Joshua answered first with, "Happy." :) We then had a party at our house, where we got to enjoy the beautiful sunshine on our new deck! Yes, it was complete enough for us to bask in the sun. It still has some finishing touches to be made, but it was wonderful that we could use it this past weekend.

Joshua received some awesome Star Wars themed First Communion cards! :)

Finishing up the deck so that it would be ready for the parties.
After that day's party, it was time to get ready for Sunday! We had a 40th birthday party for Jason, which was so much fun--especially in another day of gorgeous weather. Adrienne came up with her mom, stepdad and brother from Portland. Between them and Jason's mom being here, it was very special. 

I don't think I've ever worked so hard as I did the week getting ready for those two parties. I prayed all week for the Lord to give me the strength and energy to get everything done and enjoy the weekend as well. He delivered. While I am definitely enjoying some down time this week, it was all worth it. I planned to have both parties the same weekend intentionally so that Liz could be there for both. And I am so glad that I did.

Yesterday morning, Joshua asked me if I was tired. Yes, Mommy's tired. I explained how hard I worked and how it was taking me a couple of days to recover, but that I'd be back to normal soon.

Later, Joshua informed me, "Nana has two parties in a row every year, Mom."

Well, yes. Yes, she does. The day after she hosts Thanksgiving, we always go back to their house for Chinese Food Friday. And she usually hosts both Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner. I tried not to get too defensive and go on and on about how it's different and how I'm pregnant and everything. I just kind of laughed and agreed with him. And now that I come to think of it, what a blessing to have such an amazing mother as an example!

By the end of Jason's birthday party, I was really out of it. I wasn't really sleepy, but my brain wasn't functioning very well either. Jenny helped me to bring out the cakes for Jason to blow out the candles. In the middle of the song, Jenny's candle went out. As I watched her candle be re-lit, I sang, "Happy Birthday dear Jenny . . . " 

Yep. That's how tired I was. Oh well. I think everyone enjoyed the party anyway.

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