Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Noah's Eyes

Last week, we were in Church and Noah was acting like a lunatic. I'm not kidding. He would stare with extreme focus into the space around him, very slightly grin, slowly outstretch his arm, hand and fingers and then suddenly, sporadically clench his hand around absolute nothingness. While I of course was paying attention to the ongoing Mass, I held in some giggles and yearned to see what he saw. But there was nothing. Not dust. Not a gnat. Not a ray of light streaming in. Nothing. But over and over, Noah would grab the thin air around him. It was so distracting that I even tried to stop him to no avail. He was mesmerized.

I whispered in his ear, "What are you doing?"

And without interrupting his gaze, he answered simply, "I'm getting the pink shadows."

Aaaah. The pink shadows. Of course. Why didn't I realize?

I laughed and continued to observe my son's crazy behavior. Most likely he was trying to catch some fuzz or lint floating around him or a rare stream of light creeping in through the stained glass windows on a winter's day.

But maybe not. Noah often lives in his own world. And I do think that it is possible that young children may be able to see or hear or just sense things that the rest of us, so limited by what we have learned to be true and absolute, cannot.

Is it possible that my three year old son has a type of intuition that I do not? When stated that way, I believe that my answer is a definite yes. After all, Google's definition of intuition is "instinctive knowing." Furthermore, instinct is defined as an "inborn pattern or behavior."

Inborn. Well, from there could we not assume that this inborn knowing would be stronger the closer we are to the day of our birth? In other words, the younger a child is, the more intuitive they are. And when a child reaches the age of two or three, there would be a brief period  when they have the communication skills to share some of this knowledge. A phase that ends too soon as children grow up and are taught what is true and real in the world around them.

I know, I know. A little more New Age than I am usually comfortable with. But my faith in an all-powerful, all-knowing God has also led me to believe that anything is possible. And in Church on Sunday, as I peered into Noah's eyes, I was convinced that Noah was most definitely witnessing something that I just simply could not see.

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