Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Tears

Last night we had an unforgettable moment. One which I was sure I would remember forever and always, but was still nervous that somehow I would forget. I mean, I definitely have been experiencing some mommy brain in the past week. First we found Fritos in the freezer and next there was a box of Life cereal under the sink with all of the kitchen cleaners. So in order to fight the unreliability of my mind these days, I had to write this down.

I was lying on the couch waiting to be served my delicious dinner which my cousin Alicia had made, hungry and anticipating some serious comfort food--Tator Tot Casserole, which was a favorite dinner of ours growing up. Hard life, right? Jason then began talking to the baby; his mouth not an inch away from my very large belly and for some reason when he does this, he uses a very deep, almost bellowing voice. I think he actually frightens the baby. "Helloooooo, Baby. This is your Daaaady."

Jason does this often, but it's usually after the boys have gone to bed. So when the boys witnessed this behavior last night for the first time, they thought it was hilarious. We explained that the baby can hear our voices and that you can talk or sing to the baby and it will hear you. Joshua immediately came up to my stomach and imitated his father in his own bellowing, somewhat monster-like voice. "Helloooooo, Baby. This is Jooooshua. I am your big brooooother."

We all laughed. And then, our darling little Noah, who can be so sweet when he wants to be, slid his little body across the couch toward me in a quiet, shy type of way. He curled right up with my stomach, cuddling at my side. Then, gazing at my abdomen as if there is no one else in the room other than him and the baby, he began to sing in a small, secretive voice, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star . . . "

It was one of those moments when your emotion changes so drastically in an instant. I was bursting with laughter, fully enjoying the silliness and fun that our family was experiencing together. And an instant later, big tears were cascading down my cheeks as I was enveloped in a moment of joy and bliss. Noah looked up into my eyes inquisitively and I explained, "Happy tears."

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  1. So sweet, you'll love re-reading this with that child some day. Nikki


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