Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nine Years . . .

And today makes nine. The nine best years of my life, much better than I had dared to dream when we said "I do."

He is my best friend and my heart is spilling over with love for him today.

In the midst of this crazy week, he is the one who anchors me. Last night, helping me to remember what we had been doing exactly nine years prior. This morning, while I'm still in my morning grogginess, wishing me a happy anniversary before I even remembered what day it was. Before he left for work, explaining to the boys how we made a choice to spend the rest of our lives together.

Marriage is truly better than I knew it could be. He still surprises me, he takes care of me, he can make me laugh to tears and in every way, he is my perfect companion.

I love you, Jason. With all my heart. Thank you for a delicious first nine years to our life together.

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