Saturday, June 28, 2014

Highway 2, Once Again

Our journey to Lake Chelan on Highway 2 inspires me every year, entrancing me under a spell of nostalgia.  A trip I have made every summer for about 25 years, I now spend the drive reflecting on how my life has changed each year, reminiscing a magical childhood and overcome with astounding gratitude for all of my blessings. Last year I was pregnant; now there is a new person here with us! I also have a new sister-in-law and a new nephew! And my sister is engaged! So many blessings. 

Four years ago, I wrote a poem on the way to Chelan and shared it in this post. This year, I did the same . . .

Highway 2, Once Again

Once again,  You Old Familiar Road,
You give needed rest to this old soul.
On the comfort of your path you lay before me,
You promise the same delights of summers I've seen.

Leaving behind the rain,
Oh Blue Sky,
You come peaking out between the peaks.  
Growing, spreading, reaching;
Your edges like fingertips above me,
Pushing back the clouds behind me.

Oh Giant Trees,
Your magical, sparkling, silver leaves
Reflect the sunlight of my youth.
I grew up beneath your boughs.
The pain and the thrill of adolescence
Still lurks in your shadows,
Yet is so far from me now.

Oh Steadfast River,
You take me up
In your relentless current,
Carrying me past each breaking boulder,
Each tranquil pool, so tame.
Never stagnant, ever changing,
Yet always the same.
You know my name.
You toss me and turn me,
Molding and forming my shape,
Softening my edges with your waves.

Oh Steadfast River,  lead me.
Oh Giant Trees, shelter me.
Oh Blue Sky, brighten my way.
Old Familiar Road, take me away.

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