Thursday, April 11, 2013

Couch Productivity

Veronica trying on my high heels, which my doctor has informed me should be off-limits for the remainder of the pregnancy in order to avoid back strain. She encouraged me to purchase some more supportive shoes. Doctor-prescribed shoe shopping? Well, okay!
It's been a long week. I spent most of last weekend on the couch because I was feeling so light-headed, dizzy and nauseous. As I finally began feeling a bit more like myself on Sunday evening, I decided to do some much needed tidying up.

Trying to get some toys out from under the couch, I lifted the side of the piece of furniture and moved it about two feet. Well, that was a mistake. My back was probably already pretty stiff from my lack of activity over Saturday and Sunday. Well, on Tuesday morning I woke and knew something was off. As the morning progressed, it became very apparent that I had seriously messed something up in my lower back. Today it is finally improving, thank goodness. And on Saturday morning, I have my first appointment with a doctor who was highly recommended to me and specializes in chiropractic care, massage and physical therapy.

So in the past six days, I have spent four on the couch and we have ordered a lot of takeout. This makes for a pretty frustrated mama. I have tried to compensate for my immobility any way that I can. Yesterday, I set up TV trays in the living room and had the boys do their homeschooling in that room rather than the kitchen, allowing me to teach while I was lying on the couch. And while not teaching, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the computer.

I have researched online basically everything I could possibly think of. I have been browsing maternity dresses, more supportive shoes, reading curriculum, weekend getaways, pregnancy devotionals and new books for Joshua to read. I even began dreaming of what I want to eat in the hospital after the baby is born and looked up the menu! I think I was feeling hungry at the time :)

I also began researching vans and the inventories of local dealerships. I emailed a few salesman just to see what's out there. We are looking for something very specific, and I was just hoping that we might find something in the next couple of months before we go to Lake Chelan over the Fourth of July. It turns out that a dealership in Everett has exactly what we are looking for! Jason will be going up tonight to check it out, and could possibly be driving home in our new van!

One other great thing about being stuck on the couch is all of the snuggling time with Veronica. If I am lying down, she wants to too. And even the boys have been very sweet, cuddling up to me and playing with my hair. So as frustrating as being laid up may be, there are some perks!

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