Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Big Girl Bed

Veronica's first night in a big girl bed. No more crib. This brings tears to my eyes. A few weeks ago, I realized that we have a couple more months before she is 2 1/2. Thank goodness. I want this precious angel to be two for as long as possible. Not a day goes by that she doesn't make me laugh, feel joy or feel the strings of my heart be pulled as I witness what a big heart she has. No longer a baby, but a little girl.

I can't help but be sad to have time slipping away. I try to focus not on the time that's gone by in such a rush, but on the future I will have with her--watching her grow, having more conversations with her, God willing witnessing her turn into a big girl, a teenager, a young woman, maybe a wife, a mother. I look forward to those things.

And of course seeing her become a big sister next month. As I feel the inevitable sadness that goes along with watching your children become older, I am so blessed by the comfort of knowing that another babe is on the way. Not too far now. About another six weeks. I pray for a healthy baby and a shorter labor :) And for God's grace to live out His will and His glory as I mother four children.

Another baby. Another blessing. May this road the Lord has set me on be all for His glory.

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