Saturday, August 10, 2013

Where the Red Fern Grows

A memory to cherish . . . Spending the summer of 2013 reading Where the Red Fern Grows with Joshua and Noah.

I still remember my teacher reading this book to us at lunch time each day during seventh grade. The story was so moving and I loved it so much. Since then, I've always wanted a hound dog. As she read the surprisingly sad ending, I recall as I fought back the embarrassing tears that were filling my eyes, goosebumps and sweat appeared on my skin and my whole body shivered. It was one of the first times that I had heard a story that didn't end happily. It touched my heart.

Joshua and Noah have loved this book as much as I did. They have listened with their eyes and ears wide open, so intently. They too were shocked to find out that not all stories have a happy ending.

As I discussed the book with them afterwards, they expressed some of the emotions they had felt and which parts had surprised them. Noah, my dear, sweet, soulful boy, buried his head into my chest and cried. His tears brought back on my tears and for a minute we cried together.

In a strange way, I felt proud of him. Proud that he feels things so strongly. Proud that he loves so deeply, even characters in a book.

How blessed I am to witness these children grow up.

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