Tuesday, August 13, 2013

So Many Questions

Tonight's dinner conversation was one not to be forgotten.

During our prayers, I prayed for the rest of the pregnancy to go well, for the baby to be healthy and for the delivery to go well.

Before we could even finish the sign of the cross, Noah asked, "What's the delivery?"

Our boys have asked surprisingly few questions about babies and that has been just fine with me. I have been told that little girls start asking questions about families at a younger age, so I guess we will have to be prepared for that.

We have told the boys the stories of their births many times. In doing so, we have explained that Joshua was taken out of my stomach by c-section where the doctor surgically removes the baby. We have then said that in Noah and Veronica's case, the doctor helped me push the baby out. We ended our explanation there.

To answer Noah's question tonight, I replied, "It's when the doctor helps me push the baby out." The boys both recalled the stories of their births and we again reviewed that during a c-section, the mommy's stomach is cut open and the doctor pulls the baby out whereas in a regular delivery, the doctor helps the mommy push the baby out.

And then came the all-important question again from Noah . . .

"Out of what?"

Despite all of the build-up to this moment, I was still unprepared and didn't see it coming. We have always just been able to leave it at that. Mommy pushes the baby out. My instinct response was to smirk and glance at Jason with very wide eyes. Immediately, the boys knew they were onto an interesting topic.

I responded, "Where do you think it comes out?"

"We don't know. That's why we're asking," Joshua replied, in a tone that said this was a very stupid question.

Noah began guessing, giggling at each possibility. He pointed to his nose. His mouth. His ears. No, no, no.

Finally, I answered, "When a baby is born, the mommy pushes it out of her vagina."


"What's a vagina?" asked Noah, surprising me.

I asked Joshua is he knew. He said no. Now, I know we've covered this before. But as they have been so disinterested in the topic, I guess they forgot this anatomy lesson.

I answered, "A woman's private area."

Noah pointed to his chest and asked, "Here?"

Wow. I guess the anatomy lesson really didn't stick.

"No, the other one." Joshua understood. Noah looked confused.

I explained further, "Women have two private areas. Here," I said as I motioned in front of my chest, "And here," I said as I motioned down below. A lightbulb went on, quickly followed by more confusion.

I then explained how women had multiple openings down there and what each was for. I explained that the opening which the baby comes out of is usually very small, but when it's time for the baby to come out, it grows. I then explained the process of labor.

"Does it hurt?" asked the very inquisitive Noah. I almost answered, "Your damn right it hurts! It hurts like frickin hell!" But I thought that may be inappropriate.

So rather, I just said, "Yes, it hurts. But the doctor will give me some medicine to help with the pain."

I then had the foresight to explain what it means if a woman's water breaks. My labor has begun with my water breaking twice - with both Joshua and Noah's births. I am glad that they are prepared for the possibility of this so that if it happens, it doesn't totally freak them out.

The conversation then turned to other things. Thank goodness. It went very well, but I was relieved that we did not go on to be asked how a baby gets into the uterus in the first place! Phew!

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