Friday, September 6, 2013

And that makes 10!

Today we celebrate our 10th anniversary! The past ten years have passed with that strange, familiar effect that time has on all wonderful things - for the most part, they have gone by unbelievably fast. But on the other hand, I can hardly remember my life without Jason and the life we have built together. Marriage has thus far surpassed my highest hopes. We have so much to be grateful for and so much to look forward to. In just about two weeks, we will again have the blessing to experience together one of the best days of our lives. God is so, so good.

Here is a little montage of the past 10 years . . .
The best decision I ever made.

On our honeymoon in Kauai

At my graduation party. We had been married for about nine months and little did we know that I would become pregnant about two weeks later!

Our first family photo! Joshua is born!
Just one child. What was that like?
At Noah's baptism in 2007, a couple of months after he was born.
Celebrating our 5th anniversary at Disneyland without kids! That was so much fun. Although I missed the boys, I cried on the last night, knowing we wouldn't have another trip like that in a long time.
At a National Catholic Engaged Encounter Convention in 2009
Going to the St. Luke Auction in May 2010

On an Engaged Encounter camping trip in 2010 that we planned when we were the local coordinators. We found out that we were pregnant with our third baby the day that we left for this trip!
Camping at Ocean Shores with Mike and Jenny. This was early in my pregnancy with Veronica and I was dealing with some serious morning sickness.
On at trip to Texas for Jason's Grandma Dot's 90th birthday
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The day we became godparents to Mike and Jenny's darling girl, Kayli, in February 2011
On a weekend at the El Gaucho Inn as a babymoon just about a month before Veronica was born
It's a girl! March 28, 2011 - Veronica Margaret was born
Celebrating our 8th anniversary at the Barking Frog
A few Halloween photos from our yearly party, which we will be skipping this year. Even though there is part of me that thinks I could make it happen with a one month old, I know better. Here, Jason is the Devil and I am a fallen pregnant angel :)

Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks

Zorro and Wife
Happy New Year 2012!

2013 St. Luke Auction
Our family at Joshua's First Communion in May 2013. I am five months pregnant with the latest addition.
On a weekend away this past June, celebrating our 10th anniversary early at El Gaucho

Here's to many more decades filled with wonderful memories!

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