Sunday, September 1, 2013

Jeremy's Wedding!

I'm too tired to write. But thankfully, these pictures say more than I ever could about how wonderful yesterday was.

If anything, I want to say congratulations to my dear brother Jeremy and his new wife, Alicia. May God bless your life together always. Alicia - welcome to the family!
Getting her hair done for the big day

All dressed up and ready to go

So tuckered out! Sleeping in the car on the way from the ceremony to the reception. Thankfully she got a second wind.

As you can see, we were all very tired by the end of the night. But what a wonderful, beautiful and memorable day it was that we will always cherish.

***** I only included pictures of our immediate family in this post. Obviously, the day wasn't really about us! While I have a lot of pictures of the ceremony and the rest of the day, Jeremy and Alicia may want to debut pictures of their big day when they are ready.

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