Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Lovely Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend, I am being so spoiled. Last night, I got to have a lovely evening sharing a bottle of wine, listening to live jazz and catching up with my dear Jenny. A few hours was still not enough time for talking, but we got quite a few good laughs in.

This morning, my family took me to Flower World where I got to pick out plants, herbs, vegetables and a GORGEOUS fuschia basket that I have always wanted. They are my absolute favorite flower and were my grandmother's favorite as well.

If you have never been to Flower World and enjoy gardening at all or want to start (I continue to be a complete novice), you really should go. It is absolutely beautiful. After shopping, we enjoyed walking the grounds and seeing the fountains, water wheel and chickens. I think we may have a new Mother's Day tradition :)

Tonight, my aunt Joanna is taking me to the 5th Avenue where we will see Room with a View. Tomorrow morning we will go to Mass and then to brunch with a lot of family at Arnie's. After that, I will plant my new plants and Jason is making me dinner! It doesn't get much better than that!

I have also learned AND remembered my lesson from past Mother's Days. While I do feel that I am being spoiled this weekend, I am not expecting it. I have rid myself with unrealistic expectations for Mother's Day, other holidays and family events as well. It's not about living in some peaceful, serene paradise for a day. It's not about not having to lift a finger for a day. It's not about everyone getting along magically for a day.

Even though it's Mother's Day, we still have four kids! And they all still require care, attention, guidance, food, noses blown, diapers changed (well, only one needs that), reminders to STOP being so loud all the time and to STOP bugging your sibling.

It is about celebrating my amazing mother and the blessing and joy it is for me to be a mom.

That's a lot to celebrate!

To all of the moms I know, especially my own--You inspire me daily. You help me, you support me, you strengthen me, you guide me, you lift me up, you listen to me and you walk alongside me. You help me to be a better mom. Thank you!

Here are some more recent photos, as I just can't seem to stop taking them now that I finally have a smart phone!
Enjoying the sunshine

Enjoying the homemade ice cream we had for Jason's birthday
Enjoying the grass on Easter

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