Sunday, March 4, 2012

Changing Perspective

On Life as a Mom, a blog that I read often, Jessica Fisher recently wrote a post titled Failures into Victories. In it, she describes the way God always knows what he is doing. What seems like a failure at the time can be made into victory.

This really helped me to look at things differently on a recent Sunday evening. It had been a frustrating day. The night before, I had done a great job of preparing things so that our family could easily get ready for Church. I had clothes laid out for all three children and myself. Furthermore, I had prepared steel cut oats in the slow cooker so that breakfast would be ready to go in the morning.

The evening before she got sick -  she sure seemed fine!
In the morning, I showered, ate and made sure the boys were off to a good start. When I entered Veronica's room, the smell of vomit hit me. There was vomit all over her crib, her blankie and of course her, mostly crusted in her hair. She had never made a peep. I have no idea when she actually threw up.

The day went on. She had a very stuffy nose, diarrhea and later, hives on her cheeks. What the heck! Not knowing what was going on, I canceled going to see my sister's concert. A call to the on-call doctor was no help. The hives came and went, leaving me thoroughly confused.

At the children's bedtime, I began to shiver and could tell I was getting a fever. Now I was sick too! How on earth was Jessica's entry able to change my perspective?

Well, while I really did feel awful, it was actually a very convenient time to get sick. When does that happen? It seems like never in our house.

Besides missing the concert, I had an open calendar for the next couple of days. Jason would be home on Monday because of President's Day. I had just cleaned the entire house that Friday. And we had done an enormous grocery shop on Saturday. So I was in a good place to be able to lie around on the couch and get well.

While it stinks being sick, reading Jessica's entry really helped me not have a big ol' pity party :)

Sweet Baby

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