Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camping 2012 # 1 - Lake Mayfield

We are heading out camping tomorrow to the Ike Kinswa State Park on Lake Mayfield, which is in southwestern Washington. It is a sign of my preparedness that I have time right now (while I am eating my lunch) to write a blog posting. I have devoted the entire week to getting ready, so I'm in a really good place.

The real test will be tonight and tomorrow morning. The big question as we are packing up the car will be - Will it all fit???

We have the absolute delight of taking Adrienne camping with us this year. If memory is serving correctly, that hasn't happened since before Noah was born. That means we have two extra seats being taken up in the car as well as all of the additional clothes, sleeping bags, etc. No wonder it will be a tight squeeze!

Two Christmases ago, when I was pregnant with Veronica, my parents gave us a car top carrier, which we were in desperate need of. So that will obviously help. But I am definitely looking at each item, wondering if it is really needed and if it can be replaced by something smaller.

We also haven't had a one-year-old camping with us in several years. Last year, we braved taking along a four-month-old, the youngest baby we've ever taken camping. And while it was a success and I was glad we went, hopefully this will be a breeze compared to that. But then again, she's mobile now, so we shall see :)

Here are some of last year's photos from Veronica's first camping trip . . . 

Bath time!

First ride on Papa's boat! She likes it a lot more now.

Hopefully when we return on Monday, we will have some more great photos to share. We have two more camping trips in August, so hopefully this trip will also be a success. Wish us luck!

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