Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lake Mayfield Continued

So, we fit it all. Or I should say that Jason fit it all. Our car was absolutely packed to the rims, with each little cranny stuffed with some necessary item. Our first camping trip for the summer was a great success. The kids did great, even when there was a road closed on the scenic route to our destination, adding an hour to our drive last Thursday. Veronica slept great, going to bed and down for a nap each day with hardly a peep.
One of my favorite smiles. But what is also amusing is the mountains of stuff crammed in behind her.
There were some highlights of the trip. First there was a short hike that a lot of us took onto a point going out into the lake. The water and the sky were really breathtaking, the walk was relaxing and my desire to be outside more was renewed.

The boys road their bikes pretty much the entire time we were at our campsites and not eating.
It was such a blessing to have Adrienne with us. She continues to be such a delight, was a complete animal on the intertube behind the boat and a quick helper. We will miss her in the upcoming months, as she leaves today and we won't see her again until Thanksgiving.

Another highlight would be the game my brother, Damian, had us all play. It was boys against girls. The object was to take a mini Oreo cookie and place it on your forehead and then slowly move your face to get the cookie to fall into your mouth without the use of your hands of course.
Well, as handsome as the boys look in these pictures, I won :) I felt so proud after so many months of training to be able to represent all women everywhere in our own camping Olympics and confirm once again that girls rule and boys drool.

Jason and I got to go on a romantic, moonlit walk together. I got to go on a cocktail cruise down the river with my parents, aunts and uncle, soaking up the sun, singing goofy songs and laughing to tears. Our five days at Lake Mayfield went by very quickly. There were many more things that we were going to get to, but time slips by so quickly. In the end, we came home pretty tired and very dirty. While I was sad that our trip was over, at least I came home to pretty much the best shower ever.
Our next trip will be just for two nights, up to Deception Pass on Whidbey Island. Can't wait!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I loved the oreo cookie game, I think we will be playing that one very soon!

    1. We sure did. Let me know how you did in the game. Miss you!


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