Monday, July 23, 2012

Mini Me

NOTHING prepared me for the yanking of my heartstrings that is caused by Veronica who already seems to want to emulate her mama.

This afternoon, the poor thing had an upset tummy. Dealing with her crankiness while I am cooking can be a challenge, so today I set her up a little cooking station on the floor. She was entertained for quite some time doing just what I was doing.

Then, this evening, she found my cardigan and put it on. It seemed to comfort her because later when I was trying to take it off of her, she was quite perturbed.

While my boys went through phases of being mama's boys, it was never quite this intense. And while I realize that this adoration has an expiration date, right now it seems to only be intensifying further.

While Veronica doesn't realize it, I am very aware that I do not deserve such blind admiration. It was just this morning that I had to apologize to Noah for losing my temper.

But for as long as I can, I'll happily eat it up and ask for seconds :)

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