Friday, February 24, 2012

Basil's Cry for Help

This entry is a cry for help. There is something wrong with me. I cannot, for the life of me, keep a house plant alive. Is there a secret trick that I am unaware of?

This plant needs your help. This is the second small, live basil plant that I have purchased in the past few weeks. The first is deceased. My assumption is since these are available in the store, it is possible to keep this plant alive indoors in Seattle. Is this true?

I have put this plant in an old cup with soil from a planter of mine. I added plant food to the soil. I have been watering it.

Do you have any suggestions? Is it just not warm enough weather for basil to thrive, even indoors? How often do you water indoor plants? (Maybe I've drowned them!) What about the rocks that some people put into the bottom of potted plants? Is that what I'm missing?

If you have any books to recommend for novice plant owners such as myself, I would be very appreciative. I would also be very interested in any recommendations of books for novice gardeners in the Pacific Northwest, most specifically for growing vegetables.

Please, help me save this plant!


  1. The rocks will help you to not drown your plant. It will act as a layer of drainage, even though it can't get out of your cup. You'll be able to see if the soil near the bottom is really dry or not.
    Can't wait to see some suggestions for novice gardeners!

  2. Thanks Kerry - at least now I understand the thought behind that. The gardening part of my blog will definitely be interesting :)


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