Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time Keeps On Slippin, Slippin, Slippin . . .

I feel like this is the theme of my life: time moves by too quickly. Am I alone here? I realize I probably sound like a broken record, but this fact becomes more and more apparent to me with each day.

My first baby, my little Joshua, lost his first tooth today. Pretty soon my little man will be growing in his "adult" teeth. This week he and I were able to have a long conversation, not lecture, about working on bad attitudes. He is studying to be in his first spelling bee. He plays with Veronica everyday like the big brother of the year. Next month he will be seven and will get to watch the first Star Wars movie for the first time, which I'm sure will be the beginning of a whole new season in our home.
The cover of Joshua's first book, The Commander Who Saved Christmas. That's Darth Vader on the right. The Star Wars obsession has already begun, even prior to watching any of the movies! 

 This afternoon he asked me if the tooth fairy is real. (I blatantly lied and answered "yes," because that's what we do in our household. Judge if you'd like. But that's how we roll.) Questioning and curiosity have been a large part of Joshua's personality since he could speak. But it's possible that the age of doubt may also be upon us. He might as well get his driver's license, get a job and move out! 

Seven years. I have been a mother for seven years.

But tonight is the first night that Jason and I will be quietly and sneakily slipping out a tooth from beneath a pillow and replacing it with money. Wish us luck!

What's the going rate these days? Do you have any tooth fairy stories?

Joshua at his first birthday party.

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