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Mama Can't Live Without . . .

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Let's get real. Weight is an issue for most American women, both of health and confidence. I ran varsity cross country throughout high school. Between that and simply a higher metabolism, I was able to keep my body lean and strong at 135 pounds with a BMI of about 21. I will never be at that weight again, and I'm okay with that.

After high school, many factors changed. Because I was no longer on a sports team, I no longer exercised. My metabolism slowed. I struggled with depression. And I was taking a prescription medication which causes weight gain. This recipe for disaster caused me to gain 40 pounds.

Throughout my early twenties, I began to work on my weight. I worked out. I counted calories. I ate meal replacement bars. But I was either one extreme or the other, all or nothing. I would yo-yo back and forth somewhere between 150 and 170 pounds.
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After my first baby, the weight came off easy. Nursing alone easily brought me down to 155 pounds. Not so much with the second baby. I completely plateaued at 175 pounds. It was about that time that I discovered Weight Watchers.

With Weight Watchers, I brought my weight back down to 155 pounds. Now after my third baby, it's helped me get my weight down to 150 pounds, which was my goal. This brings my BMI to 23.5, which is well within the healthy range. It is a good spot for me. It easily gets me into a pair of size 8 jeans. I don't feel completely horrified when putting on a swim suit and if I'm in a good mood, I might even feel somewhat confident. I've still got my Jo-Lo butt, but Jason likes it, so that's okay :) I'm a few pounds lighter than I was before I had any children. I can easily fit into my wedding dress and even into my bridesmaid dress from my older brother's wedding. Pretty good.

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I could not have done this without Weight Watchers. I really couldn't have. I'm too immature, our life is too full and I just like food too much. Every single week, there are several reasons to eat yummy, delicious food that ends up on my hips. For example, I always think it will be easier to lose or maintain my weight after "the holidays". This just isn't so. With January of 2012 came other obstacles: family gatherings, a weekend away, a girls' night, a date night, family visiting from out of town and several days of what felt like vacation with Jason home because of the snow. 

Weight Watchers keeps me accountable and organized and it helps me to plan ahead for calorie-high events. There are no forbidden foods. I can have wine. I can have cheese. I can have chocolate. I can have butter. I can even have McDonalds if I want to; I just need to plan around it. Weight Watchers helps me to make good choices and prioritize. I recently learned that one cup of Kraft macaroni and cheese is equal to a third of my points for the day. I discovered this after I had already scarfed it down, cold and rubbery, because I was so hungry from not having breakfast that day. SO not worth the points.

I guess this mamma could live without Weight Watchers, but I'd be a chubbier, grumpier, less confident, whale-ish version. No thanks.

If you are serious about trying to lose some weight, even if it's just ten pounds, Weight Watchers can help you get there.
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