Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cooking With the Boys

Last year, Joshua received this cookbook for his birthday. It has been a huge hit and we've made lots of recipes.

It's been great for the boys and for me too. There's a reason that this blog is titled "Mamma Vintage," with the Italian word for mother. Although I'm not Italian, the culture and food of Italy have a special place in my heart. Pretty soon I'll have my sons rolling out the pasta and whipping me up some cannelloni! :)

The boys now even prefer their popcorn to be Italian - with olive oil, salt, pepper, oregano and parmesan cheese. Yum!

This past week, we made "Best-o Chicken Pest-o." It was a simple recipe and the boys were able to help a lot. We improvised some with the ingredients we had on hand. Joshua was not a fan of pushing the pesto underneath the skin of the chicken thigh; he let me do that part :)

Both boys are learning to peel garlic for me. What a huge help that will be! I've probably spent an entire year of my life peeling garlic!

Veronica was showing strong interest in what the boys were doing (like usual) and was very hurt when she was made to leave the room. Can't wait till she's helping out too!
What are you guys doing? Can I help???
As a homeschooling mom, these moments are priceless. I've been making a stronger effort to create  times like these, and it's definitely been worth the effort.

How do your kids "help" around the house?

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