Thursday, February 23, 2012

Taking Our Own Advice

When another mom I know gets sick or is feeling run-down, I always encourage her to rest, rest, rest. Everything else can be put on hold so that she can get better. She needs to take care of herself. She can't take care of others if she doesn't take care of herself first.

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Why do I mock my own words? Because it seems that I am incapable of following my own advice!

Playing with Veronica on the couch on my sick day
When I get sick, I rest a little and then I get restless. I get bored. I get tired of watching TV. I want to move. I want to get up. I want to be productive.

Furthermore, I feel guilty. I begin pressuring myself to feel better quickly. You know how people say, "If mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy?" Well, when I'm sick, it feels like everyone suffers. The whole household waits in anticipation for life to get back to normal, for meals to be made, laundry to be done, lessons to be taught and for my patience and good mood to return. Everyone else gets a little restless and a little grumpy too.

I know I need to rest. I know that my health and well-being are more important than the laundry getting folded. And yet I struggle with this every single time I get sick.

One idea that had occurred to me is to make a "sick day" box. This would be similar to the "rainy day" boxes that some moms (who are much more organized than I) make for their kids. Items for my box could include a light, fluffy novel that I've been looking forward to reading, a fun magazine, an old movie that I love, printed photos to put into our albums and stationary for writing letters.

What about you? Do you have any advice that you regularly give out but have trouble following yourself?

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